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#Celebgate - Glee! actress Becca Tobin confirmed, several Australian actresses in scandal: Becca Tobin, Emily Browning, Yvonne Strahovski


The above tweet by Becca Tobin, best known for her role in the TV series Glee!, has been taken by most celeb gossip pages as confirmation that the pics circulated as part of #Celebgate are in fact legit (*Edit: a series of the pics include her placing presents under a Christmas tree which adds credibility to this opinion).

This particular scandal isn't just affecting our friends across the sea but also some of our fellow Aussies.
Teresa Palmer
Homegrown Aussie actress Teresa Palmer (best known for her role in the Rom-Zom-Com: Warm Bodies) is one of the names on the list with over 30 images appearing.  Her pics are almost guaranteed to be the real thing as she appears with her ex Scott Speedman in a series of the images.

Emily Browning (Sucker Punch) is also said to appear as does my long-time-lust-object, Yvonne Strahovski (Chuck, Dexter, also appears animated in the Mass Effect games).

I haven't seen anything with Emily in it so I can't say whether that claim is legit and the pic of Yvonne could be anybody, though internet detectives are trying pretty damn hard to make it look like the real deal...  you decide:

#Celebgate Hacker brags about next post


*grabs buckets of popcorn*

This is starting to feel like I'm following the modern day story of Bonnie and Clyde... but with like one dude at a keyboard and far less banks and violence.

Measures are clearly being taken to shut down everything as it happens, celebrity news websites are being reeeeeal careful about what they put up in the way of images, a series of the people who had put direct links up have either been shut down or have voluntarily taken their links down to avoid being sued into the ground.

And in the middle of all this chaos - this goes up:

Clearly, I'm the guy blocking out all the rude bits, not the hacker.
Check out the list on the left of that screenshot... And that's only up to the letter 'H'.  Whoever is doing this has snatched so much stuff he can't even fit it all in the screenshot.

*jaw drops*

Part of me hopes that in a world where we seem to give people slap-on-the-wrist sentences for rape, murder and child abuse - yet decades of punishment to people who offend celebrities - that the person behind this ends up living comfortably on a beach in Jamaica.

On a side note, this should give feminists a feeding frenzy bonanza to run article after article on the dangers of self-objectification.

#Celebgate - Mary Elizabeth Winstead pics confirmed as real


Soooooo the merry-go-round of celebs continues.  Mary Elizabeth Winstead has put a very human face on this particular piece of internet trend with this twitter message:

It's pretty easy to forget that celebrities are real people and that this is in fact a massive invasion of privacy for a select group of people.  I'm pretty sure everyone fapping madly at their PCs will pause for approximately one second in consideration of that fact, before continuing to fap on.

On a side note, everyone that has come out and spoken about this has said the pics are legit - except Victoria Justice.  As more people come forward, I'm pretty sure it's going to be difficult for Victoria to stick with her story.

#Celebgate - Kaley Cuoco image added to list, Brobible editor twitter account shut down


So one of the lads over at was keeping a running commentary and sharing links to all the Celebgate items as they appeared - looks like he got reported as of 5 minutes ago his account was suspended (*RIP twitter acount*).  Sorry thar gents.

Reddit and imgur are still going nuts though with images going up as fast as they come down - Kaley Cuoco of Big Bang Thoery fame just appeared on the list of outed celebs.

As an external observer, I have to say, it is fascinating to watch this unfold.  The feeding frenzy of articles in response to this is Ah-Mazing.  I really thought twice about posting anything on this at all but I feel like this is going to be a sordid chunk of history, 'the day hollywood was outed'.

I'll keep you informed as I find out more.

#Celebgate - Selena Gomez pics FAKE


One or two images of Selena Gomez in a see-through swim suit with Cara Delevingne are floating around as part of celebgate.  Selena's people have as yet made no statement.  However as I am a complete whore for celebrity news I can tell you with some certainty that they are as fake as this plastic plant:

The photos of Selena are from a little while ago where she was on a boat with Cara wearing a white - and in completely no way see-through - swimsuit.  I'd point you to where you can find the originals but their freaking server has crashed under all the hits for today's images.

Put it away fappers and move on.

#Celebgate - Jennifer Lawrence pics confirmed as real


J-Law's reps have contacted authorities regarding #Celebgate

So as more and more pics surface on #Celebgate, stars are coming forward to confirm or deny whether the pics are legitimate.
  • Victoria Justice has come out as claiming the images are false. 
  • Jennifer Lawrence's reps have just released a statement saying that 'Authorities have been contacted'... 
You don't contact authorities unless the images are real and want them goooooone.   So I'm calling this a confirmation that J-Law's pics are the real deal.

See a more in depth look at Jennifer's statement here:

eonline article

The interwebs has exploded with celebrity bosoms? CELEBGATE!


*insert societally appropriate outrage re the objectification of women here*

Whether you like it or not, the interwebs has exploded with celebrity bosoms and men everywhere are crowded behind their collective PCs, smashing and clicking buttons on their computer mice like it's the freaking American gold rush.

Nude photos of about 30 celebrities have started appearing on 4chan, imgur and reddit.  There are a couple people saying that a flaw in iCloud's (attached to iPhones) security allowed for access to these images.

Victoria Justice has already come out saying they are fake... but I don't know, judge for yourself peoples.

I don't share nudes so if you want to find them, perform a google search on at least the following celebrities and the words 4chan or imgur. That should find you the goods if it's what you want to see:

Jennifer Lawrence
Ariana Grande
Maisie Williams
Victoria Justice
Yvonne Strahovski
Teresa Palmer
Mary Elizabeth Winstead
Kirten Dunst
Jessica Brown Findlay
Kryster Ritter
Brie Larson
McKayla Maroney
Alison Brie

I will include the list of celebs the uploader claims to be uploading next here.

You may also want to follow a more in depth coverage of it over at the The Daily Dot.

A fairly accurate re-enactment of most men this morning as they logged onto the net...