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#Celebgate Hacker brags about next post


*grabs buckets of popcorn*

This is starting to feel like I'm following the modern day story of Bonnie and Clyde... but with like one dude at a keyboard and far less banks and violence.

Measures are clearly being taken to shut down everything as it happens, celebrity news websites are being reeeeeal careful about what they put up in the way of images, a series of the people who had put direct links up have either been shut down or have voluntarily taken their links down to avoid being sued into the ground.

And in the middle of all this chaos - this goes up:

Clearly, I'm the guy blocking out all the rude bits, not the hacker.
Check out the list on the left of that screenshot... And that's only up to the letter 'H'.  Whoever is doing this has snatched so much stuff he can't even fit it all in the screenshot.

*jaw drops*

Part of me hopes that in a world where we seem to give people slap-on-the-wrist sentences for rape, murder and child abuse - yet decades of punishment to people who offend celebrities - that the person behind this ends up living comfortably on a beach in Jamaica.

On a side note, this should give feminists a feeding frenzy bonanza to run article after article on the dangers of self-objectification.

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