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#Celebgate - Kaley Cuoco image added to list, Brobible editor twitter account shut down


So one of the lads over at was keeping a running commentary and sharing links to all the Celebgate items as they appeared - looks like he got reported as of 5 minutes ago his account was suspended (*RIP twitter acount*).  Sorry thar gents.

Reddit and imgur are still going nuts though with images going up as fast as they come down - Kaley Cuoco of Big Bang Thoery fame just appeared on the list of outed celebs.

As an external observer, I have to say, it is fascinating to watch this unfold.  The feeding frenzy of articles in response to this is Ah-Mazing.  I really thought twice about posting anything on this at all but I feel like this is going to be a sordid chunk of history, 'the day hollywood was outed'.

I'll keep you informed as I find out more.

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