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The interwebs has exploded with celebrity bosoms? CELEBGATE!


*insert societally appropriate outrage re the objectification of women here*

Whether you like it or not, the interwebs has exploded with celebrity bosoms and men everywhere are crowded behind their collective PCs, smashing and clicking buttons on their computer mice like it's the freaking American gold rush.

Nude photos of about 30 celebrities have started appearing on 4chan, imgur and reddit.  There are a couple people saying that a flaw in iCloud's (attached to iPhones) security allowed for access to these images.

Victoria Justice has already come out saying they are fake... but I don't know, judge for yourself peoples.

I don't share nudes so if you want to find them, perform a google search on at least the following celebrities and the words 4chan or imgur. That should find you the goods if it's what you want to see:

Jennifer Lawrence
Ariana Grande
Maisie Williams
Victoria Justice
Yvonne Strahovski
Teresa Palmer
Mary Elizabeth Winstead
Kirten Dunst
Jessica Brown Findlay
Kryster Ritter
Brie Larson
McKayla Maroney
Alison Brie

I will include the list of celebs the uploader claims to be uploading next here.

You may also want to follow a more in depth coverage of it over at the The Daily Dot.

A fairly accurate re-enactment of most men this morning as they logged onto the net...

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