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Pretty sure Amanda Cerny is into Bukakke


It's not just me right, this video at least starts as an advertisement for Japanese Bukakke and goes south from there right?  Mind you, if I was going to promote Bukakke as a positive, it might very well involve Amanda Cerny so who am I to judge #AmIright!

If you don't know who Amanda Cerny is, here's a tumblr set of visual reminders (link here).  She was a Playboy playmate then did some commercials for a brand of bottled water and in the interim is followed by madly fapping fans like she's the Moses of the nerd community.

If none of that interests you, the video below is still probably worth watching just so you can go 'whaaaaa...'?

The Walking Dead's, Lauren Cohan, in GQ


Everyone knows about my fascination with TV's The Walking Dead, but what doesn't come up as often is my fixation with Lauren Cohan.  The first episode that Lauren appeared in made me sit up and just say 'daaaayum.'  She's that kind of subtle natural pretty that has you smiling like an idiot for no explicable reason.  I'm pretty sure that everywhere she goes is a just a bevy of people falling over each other saying 'excuse me miss, can I help you with that?'

Well she's just appeared in a shoot for GQ magazine and as expected, the girl looks good.

Maitland Ward wins Comic-Con... again


If you've never heard of Maitland Ward it's probably because you don't travel in nerd circles, unlike I - the lord of the nerds.   Maitland always has something worth looking at every Comic-Con and this one is no exception where she cos-played as Red Sonya.

Red Sonya is supposed to be a redhead, so as a Conan comic fan, I don't feel she's really commiting here...

But then she's in a steel bikini so I doubt anyone else will care.

Gallery and video after the link.

Cara Maria Sorbello


We're ah... scraping the celeb bottom of the barrel like we plan to scratch through it and dig to China it appears.  When you've got to google the people coming out, it's less of a leak and more of a sad trickle.

Cara Maria Sorbello was part of a TV series call 'The Challenge' which happened ages ago, like 1998. I can't see that she's done anything since then, which probably means that someone has had this in a drawer, fapping to them, for a looooooong time.  Anyway...

See the pics here.

J-Lo and Iggy Azalea release 'Booty' - see pics, gifs and video!


So JLo released her new track (featuring Iggy Azalea) 'Booty'.  The video is hot-hot-hot as you can expect from these two, though right now a bunch of fan sites are saying this is a guantlet being thrown down to Nicki Minaj for the title of Pop's Queen B(ooty).

In celebration of this blessed shaking of beautiful behinds we've thrown together some pics, gifs and a link to what is sure to be a smash hit.  You're welcome!


Promo shots:

JLo and Iggy shots:

JLo shots:

Iggy shots:


Adrianne Palicki in new movie


Adrianne Palicki, best known for her role in TV's Friday Night Lights, returns to the big screen in the new action flick John Wick.  If you want to know more about it head on over to our Nerdgasms section.

In the meantime here are a bunch of pics that have ab-so-loot-lee nothing to do with the movie, but are a good excuse to remember just how hot Adrianne really is:

Hannibal: Seasons 3 & Caroline Dhavernas


I've been a fan of Caroline Dhavernas for a looooong time.  She started out in this little TV series - Wonderfalls, which was funny as hell.  Unfortunately the series didn't make much noise so it never made it past the first season, but I kept my eye out for word on whether Caroline was moving onto to other things.

Since then Caroline has become one of the main featured characters in TV's Hannibal where she plays the ever lovely Dr. Alana Bloom. The good people over at IGN interviewed Bryan Fuller, one of the writers of the show, on what we can expect in season 3 so if you'd like to know about that head over to our Nerdgasms section.

Alternatively you can just take a moment to gaze at Caroline here in one of her better photo shoots and just sigh gently.

If you'd like to see her in a more intimate setting, she's hardly a prude and has gotten her kit off in several movies (list here).

Amy Acker in new movie


Amy Acker (of Joss Whedon's - Angel fame) is in a Kickstarter project movie called the Lord of Catan - if you want to know more about it head over to our Nerdgasms section and see the article.  I just thought it was a really good reason to stick up this old photo-shoot of Amy's cause... well, the girl is hot.

Long live Fred!

Jenny McCarthy got married, and immediately lost her wedding ring


There was a period of time where I would have done unthinkable things to be in the presence of Jenny McCarthy. Then I got old and had kids and she said that it was wrong to immunise your children and as I feel pretty strongly on that topic my ability to continue loving on Jenny from afar - died.

Well she just got married to Marky Mark's brother.  *cough* Donnie Wahlberg *cough* and while doing 'the do' on their wedding night, lost the wedding ring:

“I’ve already lost the ring,” McCarthy, 41, said on the local Fox program. “We were staying in a hotel and you can’t have a wedding ring on… it’s a little hard to get romantic with diamonds on your hand. I removed it and put it on the room service table and they came and turned down the room and the ring was gone… But you know what though? If you’re gonna lose your wedding ring, you should lose it that way.”

I personally think this is probably one of the less terrible things that can happen on a wedding night, I mean the biggest tragedy of this evening was probably having to have sex with Donnie Wahlberg... so all round this evening was  a lose/lose kind of event.

But it could have been worse, she could have been marrying me (Ha Ha! Self-deprecating humor FTW! Anyway...).

On that note just so you remember who she is, PIC-CHAS!

Rihanna's lady parts as part of the 2014 CFDA Fashion Awards


Rihanna is the magical queen of  'I don't give a fuck...'  Her best display of I-don't-give-a-fuck is when she wears whatever the hell she wants and if her privates happen to be made publics as part of this, then, whatever...

I'm always on the fence for these things.  I see Rihanna do it and I'm like 'Yeah - fuck the system! The stigmatisation of sexuality is bullshit!'  and then I picture me having a daughter and her pulling the same shit when she's fifteen... and suddenly this doesn't seem so cool anymore.  I have no problem with women wearing whatever the fuck they want, but girls on the way to becoming women want to wear what their female idols wear, and as a dad, that makes me sincerely uncomfortable.

Or grandmas...  Imagine if grandma's were wearing this... yeesh (sorry for that image).

Anyway, Rihanna is alllll woman - so feel free to see the easily locatable tonne of pics of her not leaving much to the imagination by clicking here.