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#Celebgate - Bar Refaeli pics leak


Supermodel Bar Refaeli made her way into the list of alleged leaks.  I'll say alleged because I place this into the same camp as the Yvonne Strahovski set of leaks.  The internet sleuths are working real hard to draw the lines between existing pics that were availabe before the release, and the new leaks, but the lines are pretty damn thin in my opinion.

Image not part of the leak, it was just the next safest thing I could find to show who Bar Refaeli is.
That being said, woh... I couldn't even figure out how to censor those pics appropriately without just essentially blocking the whole damn thing, so sorry - but no pics.  Even the internet sleuth evidence pics that were compiled are too racey.

No word from Bar's camp either as to whether the pics are real and her twitter hasn't been updated since the 20th, so stay tuned.

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