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#Celebgate continues-ish: Hilary Duff pics leaked


Edit:  Hilary says 'fake', but also contacts the FBI - you can't claim copyright infringement and get the FBI on the case unless they're real.. so which is it, real or fake?

So...  as a guy in the 4Chan chat channels said last night, the general opinion on what's happening is that all current leaks are "60% FBI Honeypot, 30% Troll, 10% legit..."  and I tend to agree.

There's a guy ringleading the leaks who either wants to be famous or is just the FBI looking to do clean sweeps of anyone who still has original content.

I have to confess, I've never been on 4Chan before and if you intend to go but have never been, prepare for your eyeballs to juuuuuust fucking bleed.  The shit that gets put up there sincerely makes me feel like the FBI would be better suited by worrying less about celebs and focusing harder on throwing a segment of the population into mental institutions.  There are some funny, funny bastards in there too and if you could edit out of 4Chan the evil pricks putting up decapitated bodies and infected dick pics, I'm sure it would be a LOL worthy place to hang out.  As it is, I'm probably scarred for life.

Anyway, Dan-rant over.

Hilary Duff pics got released last night - but with no face in the shots.  So is it her or just some bogus fakes?  One of her famous quotes is this:

When asked by radio DJ Billy Bush if she sends (her partner) Mike sexy pictures
from her phone, Hilary replied: 
"Oh my God you're going to get me in trouble . never with my face in it. "We've gotta keep it fun, gotta keep it interesting."
The internet sleuths have been pretty busy as well putting evidence together on the release.  Is it her? You decide.
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