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#Celebgate - The dying embers: Kaley Cuoco / McKayla Maroney and the rumour mill


Soooo where are things at with Celebgate, is it dead?

First the less interesting and totally expected news - the McKayla Maroney pics are the real deal and they're being taken down under copyright claims, not 'illegality' claims, so if you were freaking out that they were taken before she was 18 you can probably uncurl from the ugly fetal position you were in and go back to feeling pervy safe.

Most sites took their content down voluntarily as they didn't want to go toe to toe with well paid lawyers or the FBI. This message appeared on the last site that I know of that was refusing to take them down:

Interestingly a couple pics were released of Kaley Cuoco last night, all SFW though - I mean, sexy, but SFW. What makes it interesting is it might be reactionary because she tried to have a LOL about the whole thing and released this:

Her caption for the pic: 'Feels like we forgot something?'
It was LOL-worthy because in case you can't already tell, they have clothes on under the blurs.  Now here's the interesting thing, there is a bit of a pattern that when one of the celebrities speaks out on celebgate, more stuff on them appears.  It makes me wonder if the reason why so many celebs are silent on whether their pics are real is they don't want to be targeted by this tactic?  After Kaley released her LOL, the following images floated out:

click image to enlarge
click image to enlarge
So like I said - smexy, but not nudes.

There is a group hanging about claiming to be stockpiling material for a massive once off release, but I say it's rubbish. They're asking anyone with unique material to submit it to them so it can be part of the release, but as I'm a suspicious human being I call 'FEDS PRETENDING TO NOT BE FEDS'.

The post by them looks about as subtle as this guy:

Personally I think that Kaley's going to do just fine out of all of this.  She just made a boatload of cash with Big Bang Theory, receiving a massive raise this season to keep the show going.  Despite the nature of the attention I'm pretty sure she can turn it into something positive.

While we're all talking about these poor women, let's keep in mind a fairly interesting norm that happens as part of these things.  Few celebrities do poorly from having their profile raised, regardless of how they do it, and a norm in our culture is that a woman's sexuality is marketable (A man's... not so much).  If you take a look at people like Olivia Munn or Kim Kardashian, no one knew who the hell they were - but some pics/vids later, and they're celebrities.  People that already had some status, but were on the celeb fringe (Vanessa Hudgens / Demi Lovato) had stuff released and suddenly they became more mainstream.

So ladies having nudes released - career bump, lads... not so much.

As part of Celebgate's release, are pics of the partners of these women such as Justin Verlander, Scott Speedman and a couple others - we're talking full dick pics, raging boner shots, and or penetration images in some cases.  But no one gives a damn cause they're blokes.  I realise that no one wants their nudes released, all I'm saying is, only one half of the release's equation is being portrayed as a group of victims, yet that half is the only group likely to do well out of this whole mess.  Some food for thought on the societal perception of the two genders.

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