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#Celebgate evolves into 'TheSecondCumming' - Kaley Cuoco pics released, will there be more?


Sooo.  I woke up this morning and did the usual - swore at  the shredding high pitched bark that is my dog's, stumbled towards my coffee machine and stroked it lovingly while telling it how much it means to me, then using the swift injection of caffiene it provided to blearily look at the handful of celeb news blogs I religiously follow... Which is when I nearly dropped my coffee on my keyboard again because the first thing I saw was this:

Oh mah gawdddd....
There are several more pics where this came from so if you want them, search my kiddies, search, scour the world wide webs for your treasures, for alas, as I am completely comfortable reporting on smut, my aging father bones feel bad about providing it.  So go forth.

Here's the catch - they are allllllll censored (bwahahahaha-prick! Wait, I've been censoring everything I release too..) Short version is, after these pics were released, the rumour mill started grinding out the hopeful story that a new wave of pics is coming under the banner 'The Second Cumming' - but no one knows where the pics will be uploaded to because the FBI is going batshit over anything uploaded to 4Chan or Reddit.  There's an IRC channel or two and some deep web stuff apparently still trading nudes but everywhere else is playing the world's largest game of 'hot potato' because while everyone wants the pics, no one wants to be responsible for uploading them and being done by the FBI.

Will there be any more pics?  I don't think so - at least not real ones, just more censored stuff.  There's too much heat on all this stuff.  But if I'm wrong, you know you'll hear about here at
The Second Cumming is starting to trend

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