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#Celebgate - Kirsten Dunst confirms pics as real


Kirsten Dunst joins the list of celebrities who have come forward and confirmed that the pics (there are 3 making the rounds) of her are in fact legit.  She had this to say on twitter:

There is an interesting trend that seems to be happening.  If you're a huge star, or if your career is doing well at the moment, the images are 'fake' (wiiiith the exception of Jennifer Lawrence) - at least that's what the actresses are telling everyone. If your star has been waning or is fighting to be on the rise, 'Yup, that's me!' is the general round of responses.

If my old man were here he'd whack out a conspiracy theory that they're all in it together and this is nothing but a plot to... er... something to do with god and the war, I'm sure.

Mind you, if I looked this good in a picture (I haven't taken of my shirt at the beach since I was 15 so...), I'd be owning up to the pics as well:

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