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#Celebgate - Lori Heuring pics leaked


Lori Heuring (IMDB link) has had a walllllll of images leaked as part of #Celebgate:

I haven't seen 'Anger Management' in years and I have to tell you, I had to google her to remember who she was.  So far anyone who has fallen from the spotlight has jumped on board and said 'yeah the pics are me', so my money is Lori will be coming forward and confirming their legitimacy.

There are going to be some people who get righteously angry that I make a comment like that (SEARCHING FOR:  Fucks to give...), but I think the people who don't realise that there are celebs walking around going 'well, the eggs are smashed, may as well make an omelette' live in a land of magical rainbows and fairies, where it rains slowly descending lollipops that gently land on your tongue.

If that's you, good luck - you're 'speshal'.

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