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#Celebgate - McKayla Maroney pics continue to appear - I throw my hat into the internet detective arena


McKayla Maroney came out early in the piece and denied the legitimacy of the pics released on her. There were three, a fourth has been released and I've got to tell you, if it's fake... the creator behind it is in the wrong business - start putting out Mona Lisas bro.

If you've been following the commentary on so far you'll know that I am complete whore for celeb news so I can spot old material in a hurry. Example a):

This is one of the four pics in the leak and I am almost certain that this is just a really well cropped image of a pic McKayla released a while back on Instagram wherein she is wearing a strapless bikini.  If I get time I'll go search for the image and link to it as evidence.

Two other pics were released at the same time as this one was, one in a g string bikini (which has since been photoshopped to remove the bikini bottom, so if you see one that is nude from the bottom down, it's fake).  I reckon the pic with the bikini on is legit, McKayla is very active on social media and she appears in celeb news blogs for it alllll the time.

However, the topless photo with only half a face showing, no way is it real.

I've cropped this to the point where I don't feel like I'm blatantly smut peddling (hey... even I have a line peoples), but have included the image to make a point.  Check out the difference in noses, and the dip in the top lip of the fake.  McKayla is the one right, and I would say that the pic on the left is as fake as tits on a bull.

EDIT: Pic removed.  Ok *sorry, dry-heaving*.  Officially McKayla has said that the photos released of her are fake.  I know the one above is just a cropped instagram photo of her... but this morning one of the Reddit threads (and they've been wrong about other stuff, but...) said that it is possible one of those pics is of her, but underage.  Which made me drop my coffee on my keyboard and do this:

Like I said, that's probably bullshit and M&M is still calling fake.  But even the idea of it... I can't cope with it and I don't know which pic they are referring to so I'm deleting everything except the above pic which I know is ok and just like... setting my fucking hard drives on fire.  If you have any of that shit, I'd suggest you do the same.

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