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#Celebgate - New Krysten Ritter, Brie Larson, SFW Avril Lavigne


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There seems to be a trickle effect of images that were going to be part of the original release, but never quite made it into the general public.

The way places like 4Chan and Reddit work is that stuff is posted in a discussion thread, and the threads are constantly pruned - 4Chan just seems to auto-self-destruct threads after X number of comments have been made in it so if you're not on at the moment the post is made and in that specific thread where something is released - forget it, it's gone forever.  So there's this massive contingent of lurkers, like a school of hungry fish, just watching and waiting for a bread crumb to hit the water, and then everyone tries to grab stuff before it's gone.  Every now and then, just to troll, someone else throws something into the thread claiming it's a release of new stuff, and it's just spammers etc trying to get adclicks.

Well as part of this unusual game, actual leaks of new Krysten Ritter, Brie Larson and Avril Lavigne pics went up.  The KR and BL pics were just extensions of what was already doing the rounds and everyone screamed death when all the Avril pics showed no actual nudity, but in short, the releases are still happening.

I have to admit, when you're in the thread, it's kind of hilarious to just watch everyone because you have two camps: aaaaaaaaaaaaaangry-angry-angry human beings screaming death that the guy posting stuff just doesn't dump everything he's got and run, and people desperately trying to placate the poster by calling him a 'Based God' and telling the angry people to shut the hell up before he leaves and never comes back.

I personally don't even have an account, I just hang out lurking, waiting to see what happens next like I'm watching the world's worst horror movie - Lord of the Flies meets Deepthroat.  It's pretty terrible, but still really really interesting (I have problems, I know).  Adding to this is the fact there seems to be an online clan war between Reddit and 4Chan, you're either one camp or the other and if you try to straddle the line, prepare to be eviscerated via text.

Anyway, I'm not sure if anything else will happen - but if it does, you know where to find out.

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