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Hannibal: Seasons 3 & Caroline Dhavernas


I've been a fan of Caroline Dhavernas for a looooong time.  She started out in this little TV series - Wonderfalls, which was funny as hell.  Unfortunately the series didn't make much noise so it never made it past the first season, but I kept my eye out for word on whether Caroline was moving onto to other things.

Since then Caroline has become one of the main featured characters in TV's Hannibal where she plays the ever lovely Dr. Alana Bloom. The good people over at IGN interviewed Bryan Fuller, one of the writers of the show, on what we can expect in season 3 so if you'd like to know about that head over to our Nerdgasms section.

Alternatively you can just take a moment to gaze at Caroline here in one of her better photo shoots and just sigh gently.

If you'd like to see her in a more intimate setting, she's hardly a prude and has gotten her kit off in several movies (list here).

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