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JLo's Ass: A lesson in superior genealogy


Let's focus on what's important here, no not JLo's ass (ok yes that too), let's focus on the fact that JLo is 45... forty-f*cking-five.  Now, when I meet the average 45-year-old I really don't care if that's their age but when you perform on stage for a living and part of your credibility is your appearance, I sit the hell down and go 'wow' when you still look this good.

JLo is that kind of hot that if she cheated on you, you'd apologise to her.

Before 'butts' were a thing, JLo was shaking hers, so 'muchos respecto' to you lady.  I personally don't understand people's interest in Kim Kardashian. I think she looks like 100 pounds of makeup painted onto 200 pounds of molded plastic, sure 150 pounds of that is ass - but I require more from a girl than that.

JLo has 'tude'.   Personally, the thing that pushes my buttons more than anything else is a girl that's fierce, and everywhere that this woman walks they take a fire truck to put out the flames because 'dayum gurrrl, yoo is on fire!'

See last night's performance here:

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