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Kanye pulls a Kanye - fortunately is still dating Kim Kardashian


Kanye's here in the lovely land of Oz (Woot!) and as part of his Australian Yeezus tour did the kind of thing that only Kanye can do. In a moment of genius he asked two handicapped people to 'get up and dance bitcchessss' (not an actual quote). To ensure the two lads in question took him seriously he actually stopped the concert to address them... Unfortunately one had a prosthetic leg and the other was in a wheelchair.

I'm fairly certain that when they tried to explain they weren't really able to stand and dance that he cut them off and said, 'I'mma let you finish, but Beyonce had -'

You get the drift.

On a personal note, I really don't care how bad he screws up; he managed to pull Kim Kardashian which I think is 50% win and 50% lose for his finanical situation but definitely 100% awesome for his 'people I get to see naked' situation.  So on that note, here's some pics of KKW wandering Australia with Kanye on his Australian tour.

Kim Kardashian wandering Australia with Kanye as part of his Yeezus tour

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