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Rihanna's lady parts as part of the 2014 CFDA Fashion Awards


Rihanna is the magical queen of  'I don't give a fuck...'  Her best display of I-don't-give-a-fuck is when she wears whatever the hell she wants and if her privates happen to be made publics as part of this, then, whatever...

I'm always on the fence for these things.  I see Rihanna do it and I'm like 'Yeah - fuck the system! The stigmatisation of sexuality is bullshit!'  and then I picture me having a daughter and her pulling the same shit when she's fifteen... and suddenly this doesn't seem so cool anymore.  I have no problem with women wearing whatever the fuck they want, but girls on the way to becoming women want to wear what their female idols wear, and as a dad, that makes me sincerely uncomfortable.

Or grandmas...  Imagine if grandma's were wearing this... yeesh (sorry for that image).

Anyway, Rihanna is alllll woman - so feel free to see the easily locatable tonne of pics of her not leaving much to the imagination by clicking here.

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