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The Walking Dead's, Lauren Cohan, in GQ


Everyone knows about my fascination with TV's The Walking Dead, but what doesn't come up as often is my fixation with Lauren Cohan.  The first episode that Lauren appeared in made me sit up and just say 'daaaayum.'  She's that kind of subtle natural pretty that has you smiling like an idiot for no explicable reason.  I'm pretty sure that everywhere she goes is a just a bevy of people falling over each other saying 'excuse me miss, can I help you with that?'

Well she's just appeared in a shoot for GQ magazine and as expected, the girl looks good.

Interview from GQ Magazine:
"I'd always fantasized about playing a southern role," says Lauren Cohan in her natural British accent. "I definitely had this idea"—and here she breaks into the farm-girl drawl that defines Maggie Greene on The Walking Dead—"she'd be soooosouthern." She reverts to British. "I had to dial that in slightly." The ventriloquist act comes from a rootless childhood, jumping from New Jersey to Georgia (a year, but it stuck), back to New Jersey, then to the UK. Decades later, Cohan's still got the wide-eyed fascination of a kid who moved a lot—as happy in the gritty loft she once occupied in downtown L.A. as in her current suburban Atlanta home, and probably as happy as she'd be on the Montana ranch she fantasizes about retiring to.
"You could spin the flipping globe and put me anywhere
on it and I'd be happy."
Wait, flipping?
She lets out a loud laugh. "I never realized how much
I actually curse until I read a couple of interviews, and I was like: You need to find a different word."
See? Adaptable.
Pics from GQ Magazine:

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