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Meet the new face of Guess: Simone Holtznagel

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Simone has two things going for her that immediately garner my approval:
  1. She's Australian
  2. She's of a German background
As both those things are true for me also, that's an instant win in my book.  I don't look nearly as good in a bikini mind you...  Speaking of the mind altering affects of people in bikini's, her last name means "Wood Nail", which I assume is a reference to her ability to engender erections in anyone who looks at her.

Wait. What? Come back! There are pics of her...

Ok - anyway, she's a 21 year old who was previously a runner up on Australia's next top model and how has now just became the new face of the Guess brand.  Follow her on Instagram here or just look at these pics:

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