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Sasha grey is awesome, and in a new movie, and lol-worthy with creepy texts

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Sasha Grey validates all my perspectives on how the universe could work.  She a tough, smart, savvy hot-as-fuck vixen that went from pornstar, to author of a book written from a lipstick feminism perspective (verrrry different to the popular 'conservative feminism' outlook) and now a mainstream actress.  And somehow, she remains loveable.

Personally I find the more work pornstar's do that is non-sexual, the hotter they are, because now they are real people instead of just faceless private parts smooshing together which is what the porn industry reduces all porn stars to, male and female. I'm not complaining, I'm just saying.  I mean if I could take DNA from Rihanna and Sasha and then combine them to create one super-human-being clone and populate the world with them, know that I would.

Sasha is in a new thriller starring opposite Elijah Wood called 'Open Window'.  I actually think it doesn't look bad, mind you thriller's aren't really my thing but judge for yourself (trailer at end).  In the meantime here's Sasha appearing on Creepy Text Theatre in promotion of her movie, oh and if you'd like to see some of Sasha's older work, there's a link to that too.

Creep Text Theatre

Open Window Trailer

Masturbation Nation - Sasha Grey Scene

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