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The Snappening

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So unless you've been under a rock this last weekend, odds are you've heard about The Snappening. The Snappening is a leak of a bunch of pics that were gathered via third party app hacks to the program SnapChat, a program that allows you to converse and share images/video with other people and then the communiation is automatically deleted - but the third party apps allowed you to keep the deleted items instead.

Short version, a bunch of teens tend to show each other their goods and then feel safe that the image dissappears.

Well gigs of pics were being held on a server that was quietly keeping all the pics that were supposed to be deleted (if you installed the third party app) and now someone released the pics. Gigs and gigs of pics and video of ordinary people-

Which is why I have no idea why anyone gives shit about this.

These are just ordinary people swapping nudes.  The internet is literally overrun with naked people, and leaks of people who don't want their pics out there.  I suppose a bunch of people are either hoping to see or not see 1) themself in the leak 2) or someone they know.  Well if you troll the online forums discussing the leak - most of the leaks are Danish, so unless you are from around there - you're probably fine.

If you really want to see the pics, get  a copy of utorrent and download the torrent from any of the easily googlible torrent sites making it available.

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