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Ela Rose and bottled water


I haven't gone looking for it, but I'm putting money on the fact that somewhere a legion of conservative-feminists are loooooosssing their shit about 138 Water.

If you've followed this blog for a while you'll have seen that the lovely Swede, Ela Rose, is only the latest in a string of incredibly hot ladies not wearing very much while holding a bottle of their water. All I know for sure is that I know the name of Evian, cause they were the first bottled water I ever had, and 138 Water - so from a marketing strategy point of view, their promotion is working.

I could insert a spiel here about the fact that power is first and foremost about choice and a woman choosing to take off her clothes is empowered through her sexuality and demonising that sexuality empowers no one and instead disempowers both the person that takes their clothes off and the person who views them.  I could add to that, that conservatives would possibly be better served if they read a little about lipstick-feminism instead of promoting their own views on puritanical morality under the guise of gender equality... buuuut that's probably too many words for this segment of this blog.

NSFW gallery of Ela Rose below:

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