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If I had Michelle Lewin's ass I'd spend all day walking backwards


Michelle Lewin confuses my penis.  On one hand her body, and particularly her ass, is amazingggggg.  If I had her ass I'd spend all day pantless walking backwards towards people...

"Excuse me sir... but you have no pant-  OH MY GOD LOOK AT THAT ASS IT'S AMAZING!"

On the other hand however she may have the most fake boobs I have seen, like a soccer ball was cut in half and pasted to her chest...

I'm gonna say this gently cause I'll sound like an asshole no matter what I say on the topic, if you're going to get implants, go up one size - no more.  Otherwise you look unnatural and wierd.

Now excuse me while I get my penis extension. *screams at the surgeon "I said down to the knee's goddamnit!"
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