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Selena Gomez laundry day, forgets shirt

So there’s an interesting trend that I’m pretty sure is related to Celebgate / The Fappening. Everyone who had a picture leaked is wearing a lot of clothes, and by a lot, I mean covered head to toe - nothing hugging, nothing sexy.  Not ugly, but just shy of convent-nun-styley type atire.
The exception to the rule is people ditching shirts.  So we have ‘chaste’ power suits/dresses combined with ‘effeminate’.  I’m not complaining, I just find it interesting and as I spend most of my life in my head, so much so that I almost never notice things, this was an interesting observation to stumble upon.
As far as I’m concerned - if you’re between the age of consent and menopause, please, feel free to ditch whatever pieces of clothing you care to.

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