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Gloria Govan and the sideboob incident


Ok let's get this out in the open first, I have no idea who Gloria is cause I don't watch (reality) TV. As I was going through my morning ritual of drinking coffee and reading celebrity blogs, Gloria's sideboob popped up and smacked me in the face so hard I nearly spilled my coffee - I mean, look at that thing???  I didn't notice her the last time I saw this shoot because the women with her, who I believe is her sister, stole the scene by having her boobs actually fall out of her dress...  So, there's that. Googling Gloria though showed me that the boob parade is barely anything new so I don't imagine any of the stuff that is happening in these pics is an accident.  Anyway, epic sideboob is epic and I do looooove a bit of mocha skin, so enjoy these pics.

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